Should You Really Bother With Installing Your Own DIY Fly Screens?

We can understand some of the ideas that might have taken place if you’ve been giving consideration to installing fly screens in your home. Thoughts that might be similar to, “It could be cheaper to do it ourselves”, or “Surely installing fly screens ourselves wouldn’t be that difficult”.

Its easy to see why you would think that way, however, you should consider your options before you plunge head first into a fairly large DIY project which could cause you some grief in the end.

Retractable flyscreens might be a better option than DIY flyscreens

Retractable fly screens can be described as being alike to a roller blind. Generally, these screens will roll vertically up and down on a window, whereas on a door they usually retract horizontally from one side to another.

If the screen is completely square with no bowing on the bottom or top sill, and if there is no tiles or carpet in the way whilst understanding how to install the screen to be smooth running, than it can be quite simple to install a fly screen in your home. Unfortunately, most of the time this isn’t the case, which why you should consider calling the professionals.

Save yourself the time, money and hassle by calling us for all your fly screens and installation needs. Your screens will be handled and installed by professionals in the trade so there’s no need to worry about quality.